Our Team

MARGARET VANN (Founder and Chief Executive)

She is an award winning Pharmacist and a seasoned administrator, workplace coach and leadership trainer. She is a fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria as well as the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists. She has an M BA from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Her extensive experience and expertise in administration for over thirty years has earned her the reputation for being meticulous, straight forward and an effective communicator. Her diligent professionalism as well as her an ability to connect and communicate with people, is assured to keep the company’s significant portfolio teeming. She has organized numerous training and workshops which put her at the top of her game in her capacity.

CHRISTIANA VANN (Executive Director Project and Facility Management)

She is a building engineer and a project management consultant. She has a first degree in Building from Ahmadu Bello University and she has a Masters degree in International Construction Management and Engineering from the University of Leeds. She has extensive experience in construction, project and facility management


He is a highly skilled, well experienced, and fully qualified company Lawyer with over twenty years of experience. He contributes to formulate and develop legal strategy, provides internal advisory services on legal matters, maintains custody of legal documents, and controls the transparency and relationship between company and client to ensure full compliance with the law. He prepares, responds to, and leads the legal actions and proceedings to help improve the collection of the receivables and defend the company’s interests

EMILIA YAROSON (Director Consulting and Training)

Her years in the academia provide her with the necessary experience suitable for heading this prestigious faculty. She has a Masters degree in Business and Financial Economics from the University of Greenwich. She is also a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, Nigerian Institute of Marketing, Institute of Information Management as well as the Institute for Business Analysts.